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Watch Pete Webb introduce AdSmart from Sky [VIDEO]


Hi, my name’s Pete Webb from Merci down here in Brighton. I’ve got some great news for you today, it’s about Sky TVs AdSmart system.

Now, back at the beginning of lockdown I put a video out there, where I was explaining Sky were running a campaign for a couple of hundred businesses to win the opportunity to get a TV ad up on the Sky system for free. Super successful, and I think some businesses in Brighton won the opportunity to do this, but what we’ve got today is we’re rolling out the AdSmart system with Merci’s great production systems.

So, what is AdSmart? AdSmart is super targeted TV advertising, and because it’s super targeted and we can bring it down to a local area, it’s super affordable for the local business. It’s not been seen before, but it’s very similar to what we do with emailing and personalising email content or dynamic landing pages on the web, where we’re able to tailor the webpages to the individual that’s viewing it, this is very similar but it’s on TV.

Now, your brand in amongst Sky TVs programming like football or movies – having your brand sat there has to be worth a lot, but it’s super affordable.So, Merci have a landing page – Our contact details are on there, give us a call because this is a great new opportunity, you know technology are bringing these opportunities to us, and now the local business can be seen amongst Sky’s great programming.

I look forward to hearing from you, pick up the phone, we want to get your business up there and out there.

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Harry Norman
Creative Technologist and SharpSpring Technician at Merci.

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