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Digital Marketing in Brighton

Digital Marketing is about using online marketing and digital communication tools to help create a better customer experience.

Merci in Brighton is ready to serve small and medium businesses with digital transformation, introducing you to powering your business with data and business intelligence.

For international brands, our head office team of full service agency partners are ready to work on your global digital marketing projects.

Website process for digital marketing

Smart Customer Communication

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation

Mapping Your Customers Journeys

  • Customer Aquisition
  • Customer Journey
  • Targeted Conversions

Customer Lifecycle Specific Content

  • New to Your Brand
  • Just Converted
  • Long Lifetime Value

Are websites out of date? Are landing pages the future?

Websites & Landing Pages

There is a modern argument that websites with menu layers are to become a thing of the past. Digital marketing tools available today are able to deliver personalised and relevant content to new, converted and established customers.

Personas and target audience

These digital marketing tools allow us to identify the type of customer early in the process, and use specific content to drive them towards a conversion. This is where landing pages and bespoke content are used as methods for converting customers.

Consent specific landing pages

A website’s home page is the “catch-all” for people you don’t identify early, and is used to try and identify them as soon as possible to send them to content specific landing pages where the conversion process can be ultra efficient.

Website landing page supporting a digital marketing strategy

Supporting a digital transformation

How to power a small or medium sized business with data

If you’re ready to take the leap and join the big boys by bringing big data to the world of SMB’s then here’s the place to start.

How to map your data

Firstly, analyse how you currently run your business. Is it a simple P&L center, or does it have multiple branches under many P&L centers?

Organise the data flow

Organise the flow of data per P&L center. If you have multiple P&L centers, we can bring the higher level data together later. The most important objective is to map the flow from finding your customers, through customer journey, then to conversion which is probably a sale. This can then be aligned to the financial data that you’re used to.

Define a digital strategy

Digital Marketing automation and digital tools aligned through linking applications is how to make sure the data flows and there is no break. Then your data will reflect what your customers are doing and be ultimately reflected in your financial data.

Join one of our ‘SMB Using Data’ workshops

Core features.

Automation with Digital Marketing

3 years and counting, Merci has been partnered with SharpSpring, supporting small and medium sized businesses worldwide. Expert support provided when you need it the most.

A powerful suite of sales & marketing automation tools to boost conversions and deliver results.

Email Marketing

Create and send emails to lists and individuals


Visual workflows and dynamic Lists

Sales Automation

Lead optimisation and pipeline management


Provide support to website visitors


Static and dynamic forms with analytical insights


Manage your customers and their data


Static and dynamic forms with analytical insights


Manage your customers and their data

Why is video marketing important for your brand?

A video on your landing page when compared to having no video, can drive conversions rates by over 80%, the word “video” in your email subject can increase open rates by 19%, and 90% of customers say videos help them make buying decisions.

As digital marketing strategies go, this is one of the best.

% Increase in Conversions
AdSmart by Sky logo

We can help you create video content which could run as a TV advertising campaign using AdSmart from Sky TVa platform for local TV advertising at a price you can afford.

Customer’s reviews

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with marketing automation

A partner that we trust
“Merci spearheaded the campaign leveraging sophisticated automated marketing tools and software designed to deliver relevant content. From start to finish, the experience of working with the team at Merci has been made easy due to their knowledge, professionalism and deep market insight.”
John McQuillan

Commercial Director

Supported us every set of the way
“For two years, We Are Merci have been our go to at Plus X and the Central Research Laboratory for a multitude of projects. The team bring a wealth of expertise and logic and have a solution for EVERYTHING. They are also incredibly responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. From CRM automations and website development to creative projects. They are absolute stars.``
Chloe Shearman

Marketing and Event Co-ordinator at Plus X

Problem solvers!
“Professional problem solvers! Such a wonderful team to work with on digital strategy / website / CRM / hosting pieces.``
Paulien Van Rijckevorsel

Designer and Website Technician at Plus X

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We can help you personalise communications with your customers by collecting data and delivering content on an individual basis using marketing automation.

Data collection, storage and analytics.

30 years experience delivering high quality content. Emotional storytelling for sustained engagement.

We know how to plan your content and deliver it effectively.


Branding & Design

We create strong brands. Become remarkable!

Our creative studio develops your visual universe in line with your objectives.


Strategy & Visibilty

We manage large projects – let us handle yours!

We examine your market, emerging trends and make recommendations to strengthen you. Our step by step process is designed to deliver results whether you are already on your way or just starting out.

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