We are an innovative digital solutions agency

Discovery & Benchmarking

We get to know you and your business, get our teams working together then we benchmark you against your market competitors and your heroes so we fully understand your needs.

Planning & Production

Strategies are formed, creatives research, brain storming, mood boards, workshops. Then we start to build and film and shoot, with our 30 years experience behind us.

Delivery & Analysis

This is where we get personal, start delivering smart content, marketing automation and then using these tools analyse the performance and get ready to go again even smarter.


All imagery and video created by Merci



  Our collaborators or team members as we prefer to call them in the UK, are based in central Brighton in the UK, and in Bourg St Maurice in the French Alps. We use modern cloud based tools to operate as one big team no matter where our home is.

DC-Director Creative

Our Creative Directors are the people you will meet to help solve your business needs. With many years experience from agency Creative Director, DOP in the cinema industry and Photographer for lifestyle brands our creative team are second to none.

Join Us

We are constantly on the lookout for new enthusiastic team members who can add to the value we bring our clients. If you shoot, send us your reel or portfolio, if you draw, do the same. If you have a pool of talents that are useful in the digital world drop us an email.



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Premium Photography & Film Production

More than a fringe benefit, this is premium content. Our UK team of 4 audio-visual specialists – based out of our Brighton studios – transform your professional image by making films and photographs of a very high standard.

Pre-Prod, Post-Prod, Film Direction

The shoot is 20%, it’s the other 80% work that goes into premium content that makes the difference. No ‘me too’ content, our directors write and producers take you through pre and post prod. This is the reason we create fantastic stories.

Motion Design, Animation & Image FX

In this era of short content, stimulating the viewer who is engaged for ten seconds, is why we put so much effort into fx, motion design and audio. Without these creative skills your content may not get your message across.




Marketing Automation

We have a library of automations to solve repetitive tasks and move your customers from list to list automatically to give them a personalised experience. We can dynamically change the content, so no more one size fits all.

Data Centralisation

With our smart CRM, we can centralise your data. You can follow the lifetime of a contact and understand how they interact with your web, media, and email campaigns, as it’s central, you can then respond straight from the platform.

Smart Content Delivery

The personalisation of content is now a key factor in engagement. It’s time to get smart with the tools you use to deliver your content, so you can analyse the result and be even smarter on the next campaign.