Marketing Automation: Complete Marketing & Sales Platform

Marketing Automation: Complete Marketing & Sales Platform

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation software allows businesses to manage their email, social, website and marketing analytics, from a single platform. With our cloud-based platform, it’s never been easier to drive engagement through multiple channels with the help of marketing automation.

Your business can excel at lead nurturing and increase conversions with the help of personalised emails, landing pages and sales notifications. It’s suitable for any sized business, B2C and B2B.

Getting started

1. Analyse & Strategy

The first step is to analyse your current campaigns and investigate how to interact with your systems. We’ll deliver your first automation scenario that utilises marketing automation software.

2. Initial Setup

Our technical team will configure and install the initial code, setup the domain and email for sending using DKIM verification code, then personalise the system for your business. Then we’ll connect or migrate your CRM and start your initial workflows.

3. Run with automation!

This is where real automation starts. Launch your campaign and analyse the results live. And the cherry on the cake, our team is available to develop more complex workflows and create amazing content, as well as provide support. Workflows can be as simple as a notification, or as complex as a dynamic email trigger.

Our offer for you

As an agency partner of SharpSpring, we offer a fully managed marketing automation software package. Our technical team will configure the installation of the initial code into your website and setup email domain verification for DKIM approval. Plus, we can personalise the system for your business by creating Sales and Marketing team profiles.

  • A single licence will cost you £500/month
  • Additional help is available at extra cost, view our prices here.
  • The setup cost will vary depending on the requirements of your business needs

Life of the Lead Tracking

The Life of the Lead displays information on a lead’s interactions with your website or content. The record of these interactions are saved to a timeline for smooth navigation and easy understanding of events over time.

Marketing Automation Guide

Download our Tour De France inspired guide to marketing automation.


Contract Terms

SharpSpring is the only platform to offer monthly contract terms. You can cancel at any point if you don’t feel the platform is the right fit for your business.

Expert humans

Marketing automation requires a human to manage the platform. We offer expert human services to help setup automation workflows, segmentation rules and more.

Licence fees

Our monthly licence fee is guaranteed to be cheaper than any end-user prices. In addition, you have access to an experienced SharpSpring agency partner for support.

Free 30-day SharpSpring Trial

What can I do? Simple answer, anything and everything. But you’ll probably agree 30 days isn’t enough time to experience the software in full. Sign up today and we’ll discuss our plan for your 30 trial period.

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