About the project


Digital & Photography


Since 2015



Since 1853, Aigle has manufactured high-grade rubber boots and clothing that only bears the highest quality and attention to detail within its design. We have worked alongside Aigle for five invigorating seasons to produce stunning visual production. From drafting a concept and location scouting, shooting and final editing, Merci ensures that every step of the process develops and represents Aigle’s brand. Through its various communication channels, online shopping basket, and website design, we help them maintain authenticity and style.


The brief

To modernise the brand’s stunning visual content through storytellings inspired by Aigle’s taste for vast adventure, travel and new experiences. This was all to be based around Aigle’s ‘WILD’ campaign goal.

The solution

Production of photography and film, meticulously designed to complement every season, colour, cut and pattern of the clothing across Aigle’s collection. Analysis and design scene by scene ensures every single piece of content pushes Aigle’s brand and message with emotion and vigor. By using this innovative approach, it allows Aigle’s new visual campaign to strive ahead of its competitors in quality and story, as well as engage its wider audience throughout its communication channels, including its premium customer segment in Asia.
A Comprehensive and thorough preparation of the Aigle story was designed for each season, which included the following:
- Competitor analysis
- Writing, designing and preparation of the story
- Segmentation, targeting and position analysis of content
- Pre-production
- Casting, cast design and technical team organisation
- Film and photographic production
- Dedicated creative director
- Post-production film delivery
- Post-production on set photography (behind the scenes)
- Quick delivery for international sale
Merci + Aigle