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Alpa Mamma

Alpamamma, THE Cuisine of the Alps to meet and eat! If you want good bread or a cake, to make breakfast, enjoy small dishes as if you were at home, meet for a drink, eat a sandwich on the go, order a take-away pizza, Alpa Mamma is the place. Derived from the “Buon” cuisine to the flavors of the French – Italian Alps, it delivers in the colors of the seasons. A selection of fresh and local produce in home-made dishes, platters of cold cuts and alpine cheeses, salads assembled under your eyes, generous burgers, gourmet pastas and pizza cooked with love! Merci supplies this new fashionable eatery with a modern graphic signature to capture the energy of heat & sharing. The brand universe has naturally taken place in the trendy decor of the restaurant, automatically creating a harmonious setting for diners.


The brief

Give a strong identity and heart-felt soul to the new place, far from the cliché of the supermarket cafeteria, and definitely in tune with the times.

The solution

Merci created a new, more ergonomic, modern & uncluttered website with direct access to the booking platform, with the integration of the existing API directly into the site.
A cool and warm photo campaign with models.
- UI / UX Design
- Evolution of the Brand Universe
- Website Development
- Creation of Editorial Content
- Photo shooting
- Image Calibration
- Content Integration
Merci + Alpa Mamma