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Courchevel Aventure

On a quest for relaxation, well-being, increased sensitivity to the environment, each day more people are seeking contact with nature. With a desire of relaxation, escape and pleasure, outdoor activities are becoming more popular and a search for rural connection is on the rise. At the heart of the largest ski area in the world, Courchevel Aventure offers mountain activities, winter and summer adventures, events, parties and seminars that makes the difference by offering tailor-made experiences in a market that craves it.


The brief

To completely redesign the brand website in search of ergonomics, modernity and differentiation in a very competitive market. On-the-go interactions to make it 100% responsive to increase mobile bookings.

The solution

A modern world, sport and original. Graphic elements facilitating the recognition of the brand and its differentiation. A real visual signature thanks to a black & white vs color calibration.
An ergonomic site, with simple navigation, immersive visuals to dive into the activity, and quick access to the reservation portal.
A simple structure relieved by animations for a modern and fresh signature.
- Brand universe / graphic pattern / image calibration
- UI / UX Design of the new website
- Custom web development
- Hover and scroll animations
- Responsive version
- Booking integration
Merci + Courchevel Aventure