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Les Arcs

The resort “Les Arcs” in the French Alps is distinguished from its counterparts by its unusual history. Its creation (late 1960s) proved to be a destination of true adventure by passionate visionaries. A promoter, elected officials, architects and engineers, farmers, athletes and more, were the “inventors” of one of the most beautiful ski areas in the world. A playground for sports people of all ability levels, the ski resort of Les Arcs has welcomed many legends of skiing. In the continuity of the brand universe developed over 3 years, Les Arcs – Bourg Saint Maurice wishes to re-establish and ensure of its position across coherent digital and print media, and thanks to a strong signature, it progresses to be as identifiable in winter as it does in summer. The daring, somewhat impertinent and playful, imaginative, interactive, modern and quality tone of the current “Your Playground, your rules” signature that was proposed by Merci, will be taken up in the evolution of communication.


The brief

To strengthen its positioning and develop the brand universe by designing a new graphic charter and all print and digital communication media. Re-calibration of the Les Arcs website.

The solution

Support a clear promise and strengthen digital positioning. Keep the offbeat visual signature set up by Merci in this campaigns for Les Arcs. Redefining the color palette, to immediately identify the destination by creating a specific Les Arcs blue with reference to the color of the 1st station logo and secondary colors. Define new, more modern typography. Create a graphic line in the continuity of the prism proposed in the first charter developed by the agency to dress the visuals (the frame of Les Arcs). Establish a graphic charter and a communication charter as well as disclosing all print and digital media in coherence. Completely recast the site from a graphical and ergonomic point of view, by facilitating the reservation and creating a dynamic weather / live-cam dashboard. Offer animations for a fluid navigation and a fun experience.
- Research Signature Graphic, Typographic and Color
- Development of the Graphic Charter
- Communication of Print: Stationery, press kit, advertising insert, press insert, brochures, event posters, flyers, kakemonos, etc.
- Digital Communication Charter: Press release, Powerpoint presentation, banners, wall paper, newsletters, signature email
- UI / UX design
- Ongoing Testing, Development & Monitoring
Merci + Les Arcs