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Maison D’Émilien

In 2015, the municipality of Séez continued to affirm its policy of cultural enhancement by creating its media library. The “Maison d’Emilien” opened its doors on May 25, 2015, promoting access to culture, sharing information for all. An ambitious project that focuses on new technologies (digital workshops, Fab Lab, digitalization…) and encompasses pride in its destination.

For Merci, the collaboration with the municipality began in 2012, with a redesign of the Tourist Office’s communication tools. Once again, in 2014 Merci created a refreshed brand image for its Cultural Route of the Portes du Petit-Saint-Bernard (Terra Cultura) and up to date communication tools. In a bid for continuity and coherence, the Town Hall of Séez has once again placed its trust in our team to modernise and strengthen its cultural approach.


The brief

Establish a complete brand image in line with the historical, cultural, and artistic positioning of Séez. Reveal accessibility to culture, the social bond created by this new place of exchange, a heritage of St Bernard and the Emilien Bazaar, and the dimension connected to contemporary realities in the digital age.

The solution

Assert the cross-border positioning of Séez and its openness to tourism and sharing by offering multilingual support. Pay close attention to multiple markets within a readable & playful boundary. Create a graphic continuity with Terra Cultura (colors, style) to achieve a clear perception of the city's politics. Take inspiration from the architectural prowess to develop and celebrate its graphic elements (red building + "sextum" milestone of the Roman road).
- Graphic Image / Typography / Consistent Colour Palette
- Graphic Charter
- Stationary Design (business cards / correspondence cards / letterhead / memberships card…)
- Elaborate Communication Charter and Supports (posters, flyers, DVD packaging, header web portal)
- Design and Creation of Internal and External Signage Elements
- Manufacturing Follow-up and Installation
Merci + Maison D'Émilien