Mission 05

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Mission 05

Born from raw passion in photography, Merci and Teamwork Photo grew the concept of a collaborative “try before you buy” PhaseOne photography workshops. Utilizing Pete Webbs extensive photographic and production expertise alongside the most prestigious camera tech on the market. It was this idea that evolved into the ultimate photographic expeditions around the world.


The brief

To build and develop a recognized and respected brand that represents exclusive luxury, professional photography and intrepid adventure. Develop website content and create a dynamic design that complements the PhaseOne partners’ website. Showcase and communicate brand awareness across multiple social platforms and form strategic partnerships to market effectively. Inspire and delight through a contrast of colour and example PhaseOne imagery, against the simplicity of the black & white logo. Manage sales through a series of platforms to streamline the user experience.
To build an innovative brand from the ground up showcasing luxury travel experience, world-class photographic teaching, and intrepid adventure. Every aspect of the brand must encompass premium positioning above competitors and lead in the market with high-quality visual content.

The solution

Merci’s team took full control of the design of Mission 05 from all angles. From the acquisition of locations to brand image and visuals. Designing a sleek and modern website with excellent UI was the first step, however, Merci added extra value by integrating SharpSpring marketing automation, smart CRM and numerous automation workflows, ensuring that any user has the best possible browsing experience. Naturally, with Pete Webb behind the wheel of Merci and Mission 05, the visual content encapsulates the premium quality of the Mission 05 service.
- Web / UI
- Marketing Automation / workflows / automated segmentation & targeting
- Smart email marketing / Email campaign design
- Top grade visual content / stills / video
- Design / logo / graphics
- Content writing / brand guidelines
- Brand image
Merci + Mission 05