About the project




Since 2016



Morvelo is a distinctive and recognised cycling brand, encompassing a passion for all types of cycling with design, art, fashion and lifestyle experience. Starting in 2009 as a small idea, Morvelo developed into a successful small brand, run by designers that just love to ‘ride everything’. They have brought together what is great about marketing, customer service, brand image and design.

The brief

To provide high quality photography to help develop and build the brand in the eyes of the discerningly kitted out cycling customers.

The solution

From the inception of the brand Merci established and maintained a close working collaboration with Morvelo over many years, continually developing strong brand image and content. Merci with their own creative team of avid cyclists connected with Morvelo’s messaging and ambition to succeed. With the development of brand strategy, video and photo content, Merci allowed Morvelo to visually stand above its competitors.
- Photography
- Behind the scenes
Merci X Morvelo