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Tarentaise Tours

Tarentaise Tours offers outdoor activities, stays & adventures in the Alps all year around, in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Accompanied by UIAGM (Union International de Guides de Montagne) certified guides, they provide their clients with unique moments of adrenaline and nature. In 2019, TT Tours enters a contemporary realm of communication and prestige to continue its progressive development. The opportunity to redesign the brand’s website developed by Merci in 2012 with an immersive user experience approach, updating the navigation and the valuation of the offer. It was also an opportunity to propose a new graphics line and redefine all print and digital media material.


The brief

To establish a high-end image, enhance the product offer & highlight the international dimension to improve the brand's visibility by developing the website and proposing new print media.

The solution

Create a high-end brand image, with a strong visual signature, simple, modern graphic and typographic elements to quickly characterise and identify the brand. Redesign the home and product pages of the website inline with this new signature with a re-hierarchisation of the offer and a header search module. Direct access to the 4 main themes of the site and the promotion of favourite products that can be managed in the back office by the Tarentaise Tours teams. Integrate an online search engine tool with filters into the product directory pages to facilitate the tracking of offers and update the product pages for clearer navigation and improved user journey.
- Elaboration of Specifications
- UI / UX Design
- Evolution of Brand Image
- Website Development
- Editorial Content Creation
- Image Calibration
- Creation of Communication Media (prestige brochure - press inserts - business card - welcome booklets).
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