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Our client works with global insurance businesses supplying virtual care services as an extension to their insurance packages.

The health insurance company members connect with the client via an app available via iOS, Android and web. Users have 24hr easy access to medical professionals from any location in the world via video consultation and phone calls.


The brief

Our task was to communicate this service to insurance members using SharpSpring’s automation tools. Ultimately leading to an increase in registrations and growth of App utilisation.

The solution

Merci developed a marketing automation plan with a straightforward goal: reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time. This included developing a segmentation strategy, implementing workflows and email drip campaigns to activate the client’s customers and multiply usage.
Step 1: Develop a segmentation plan

Merci segmented the 22,000 insurance members into the following:

- Group Name (there are 35 groups)
- Member type (primary or dependent)
- Family status (family or single)
- Language (currently English or Spanish)
- Registered for App Service? (yes/no)

This allowed Merci to distribute relevant information on a personal level to insurance members.

Step 2: Build list to segment members

Merci built lists for each group and each subsequent member type variable. For example for each of the Group lists we created a subsequent list for primary members only.

Merci also had two lists, per group, based upon their registered status. This allowed us to communicate the right message for a clear call-to-action - to drive either App registration or App utilisation.

Step 3: Create personalised communications

Merci built a Launch Email. Within this Launch Email there was a dynamic access code for each Group Member to register for the service. Merci also built a series of seasonal emails which are automatically sent at specific times of the year e.g. Allergy themed for Summer, Cold & Flu for Winter etc.

Based upon the member’s registration status SharpSpring identifies which communication and when to send it. For example a drip feed campaign was implemented to register existing members onto the Virtual Doctors Service App.

Step 4: Constantly Evolving Campaigns

As the service increased its membership, the focus shifted to ensuring that the data historically captured was accurate. Merci introduced a campaign, for those primary insurance policy holders with family members over 18, who could be authorised to utilise the plan but whose data the client did not hold. Merci created a capture form, sent out to primary members only, which invited them to register family members. This completely user generated data would then trigger a further capture campaign, generating yet further users.


After implementing marketing automation, the client has:

- Created robust profiles for all of its customers for hugely improved target marketing.
- Increased app utilisation from 0% up to 20% within timescales.
- Improved their ongoing and future proposals by integrating proven ROI.

Summary & future planning

By utilising powerful segmentation and automation tools, our client has been able to easily and seamlessly update their customer base with relevant, valuable information and increase revenue and gain valuable insights into how the company can improve.

We continue to build and tailor personalised email communications alongside the client, planning campaigns for the year well in advance. The client estimates that in the coming months they will add an additional 37 groups totalling 100,000 segmented members, all of whom will benefit from personalised, segmented, automated activity.

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Client testimonial

18 months ago, we came to Merci with a specific need for support with a major NYSE listed client of ours in order that we provide a targeted automated email marketing campaign to their end users. The objective was to reach a global audience of insured customers in order to educate them and drive them to register and utilise our market leading healthcare services. Merci spearheaded the campaign leveraging sophisticated automated marketing tools and software designed to deliver relevant content.

From start to finish, the experience of working with the team at Merci has been made easy due to their knowledge, professionalism and deep market insight. We have grown together in this process and their insights and methodology have helped to contribute to the ongoing development of our business and facilitated the ability to demonstrate a level of expertise in marketing to our clients. The relationship with Merci is ongoing and we see them as an organisation that we can turn to in the event we need support with ongoing marketing strategies, their responsiveness and flexibility means that we see them as a partner that we trust and will continue to work with.

John McQuillan