Triumph Lifestyle SS20

Triumph Lifestyle SS20

About the project

About the project




Since 2019


To create equally iconic high-level photo and video content to complement the re-launch of Triumphs new lifestyle clothing range. Visual content to be used within rider lookbooks and campaigns throughout 2020.

To showcase the new lifestyle apparel range, we worked closely with Triumph’s creative director to bring to realisation a story inspired by the ‘Race of Gentlemen’. The production was finely tuned on-location to maximise the weather conditions, that in-turn gave us the maximum time shooting into the sun. This was done by turning a single prep-day and single shoot day into two half prep/shoot days, this meant we could use the evening light twice instead of once. The bold stills and video content set against a dramatic beach race backdrop needed the backlight touch to bring the dreamy sexy world of cool motorcycles to a level only backlighting could achieve.

Firstly, we tasked production to source a beach – a big one, like Brean. It’s one of only five beaches in the UK where vehicles are safe to drive onto, but we were only given access once a certain ITV period drama had finished their production. The location was closed to the public and the set to host a high stakes race, against a pre-sundown sky, showcasing the new clothing range began.

Merci dramatically delivered a visually striking shoot with professional sportsmen for ultra compelling styling, lighting and composition.The captured footage successfully paid homage to the “bold and original” designs of its motorcycles.

- Story-telling
- Artistic direction
- Production
- Photo campaign
- Brand and product films
- Post production / Calibration / retouching / motion tracking

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The client

Triumph Motorcycles, the Original British Motorcycle Company, established in 1983, is the largest UK motorcycle manufacturer. Celebrities associated with the iconic brand include Bob Dylan, Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley, James Dean, and Steve McQueen.

Client testimonial

Working with the Merci team on the relaunch of our new lifestyle apparel range has been a hugely enjoyable plus professional experience. Joining them on location, seeing how the project came together and was built step by step to its dynamic conclusion was exciting and a pleasure to see. We are more than happy with the outcome and we look forward to future creative collaborations.

Trudi Taylor