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Introducing Moona for WooCommerce

Moona is a payment gateway available to WooCommerce merchants, offering customers £5 off their order when they spend £10 or more, and also rewards the merchant by removing any transaction fees.

Who benefits? The customer, or the merchant?

As a customer, they can get £5 off an order with Moona (the order must be a minimum of £10).

Customers buying low value items will love this offer and will likely buy more, and come back more often.

As a merchant selling high value items, “£5 off your order” isn’t the most attractive offering to your customers, but an offer is an offer.

The Moona benefit to merchants selling high value items is that you don’t pay any transaction fees.

Moona in an example

As a merchant, say you sold a pack of craft beer for £6 via your online store, your customers could get £5 off their order if they spent £10 or more. So now the customer buys two packs of craft beer for a total of £12.

  • You don’t pay any transaction fee
  • The customer only pays £7
  • You get the full amount of £12 deposited into your Moona account.

Your shoppers buy more and come back more often.

We’re looking out for new merchants

At Merci, we’re on the hunt for ecommerce merchants using WooCommerce. This is because Moona is only available through the WooCommerce platform (at the moment, Shopify is coming soon), and can be integrated directly into your website within a few clicks – no coding required.

The enrolment team at Moona are on hand to support you, from setting up an account, to installing the payment method into your website.

Get in touch with us

We’re interested to hear from you if you’re currently or thinking of using WooCommerce as your ecommerce platform. Can you recommend any friends, family or business associates using WooCommerce? We want to know!

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