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Why reviews are important for small business [VIDEO]

At Merci, we’ve noticed all feedback, both positive and negative can be found in Google reviews. This can which can be frustrating for businesses because they don’t have any control over getting these reviews edited – only the person who wrote the review can.

What is Google reviews?

Google reviews is visible on the largest search engine in the world. It’s available for free to Google users, where they can write reviews which in turn can support a business in search results and Google Maps. It’s often a place for customers to leave feedback, since it’s easy to publish feedback, and is visible to all users to search your business online.

Our solution for getting reviews

At Merci, we’ve come up with a solution to split positive and negative feedback at the point when a user wants to leave feedback.

For example; when a project has been delivered, or an order has been fulfilled, we send the customer an automated email which takes them to a landing page based on their feedback. On this landing page, the customer has the opportunity to write a review based on their initial feedback.

Positive feedback journey

The positive feedback page prompts the user to write a Google review. If they’re not a Google user, they have the option to complete an online form instead.

Watch here

Negative feedback journey

The negative page prompts the user to complete an online form only. No button to Google reviews or any other external review platform is available.

  • Overview: Negative comments are not shared on Google, but the positive reviews are.
Watch here

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