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June 1, 2018

HERO Les Arcs

Create brand awareness through naming & strong storytelling in a tribal spirit. Create a full brand universe from the logo to the signage of the course and point of sale. Offer a rare and packaged activity offer via a simplified fee schedule. Acquire by digitalising the offer through the integrated web platform at Les Arcs. Design an impact photo and film campaign featuring the star of the park, the client (the hero). Set up an email strategy, an online game, community management and digital media campaigns (SEA, bannering). Impact through continuous experience, events and tailor-made content. Build loyalty by creating derivative products and developing new activities.


What the client said

“Ever since 2013, we have had the desire to renew our tourism offers. Originally founded 30 years ago in Bourg Saint Maurice Les Arcs, ‘Club des Sports’ has been a key part of this town, running activities for over 20 years.

After many efforts to renew and update our products, endless meetings, client surveys and discussions around the plan, nothing seemed to meet our desired expectations. Very conscious of the challenges, we were more motivated than ever to start a real revolution. Extending the activities in the mountains into Summer months, our dream was to transform our ‘Sports Club’ to a multi-activity park.

With a ‘glorious’ past, a heavy history and a clientele globally seduced by the existing CLUB DES SPORTS product, we took it upon ourselves to bring change and bet on a new concept of consumption. From here, we asked our internal marketing manager to involve the agency MERCI, for creative assistance.

Immediately it was clear through practical application and professionalism that the members and managers at MERCI listened to us, understood our expectations and guided us in our reflections. They took the time to consider our history, the issues and risks involved, and offered a precise analysis onsite in the height of the season.

We particularly appreciated Anne-Sophie and David’s sincere investment and total involvement in the project. Always available and never short of advice, they delivered a proposal with forceful argumentation and confidence. It is with immense pleasure that we were able to welcome our product HERO Les Arcs in 2016. Immediately seduced by the brand, the concept and the visuals, we launched the product without delay and the success was instantaneous. The results even earned us 1st prize in the French Mountain Economy awarded by France Montagne in 2017.

The story and the adventure continues with MERCI, who accompany us through every step of our evolution. Today, HERO Les Arcs counts more than 140 seasonal workers and more than 40 years of activity. We are proud to continue the adventure with a faithful and always precious ally, MERCI.”

Raphael Villard

Director HERO Les Arcs

Develop their summer offer via a global concept, within its own brand universe. Clarify the product offering and propose a cross-channel communication strategy.

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