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A tool for sales teams – SharpSpring Meetings

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What time is good for you?

SharpSpring Meetings allows for the simplified allocation and selection of meeting times.

With SharpSpring Meetings, you can stop asking the “What time is good for you?” question, and let Meetings automatically check your calendar and present to the lead your available time slots.

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Common problems with organising meetings..

Tell me you’ve never forgotten about a meeting.. you can’t can you.

Here’s how SharpSpring Meetings can help

Overlapping meetings

Meetings takes measures to ensure your meetings go uninterrupted by setting an overlap buffer. This gives you a bit of freedom to close the deal in those extra needed minutes, or just time to grab that much needed coffee. By using our tool to allocate time slots for meetings, you can ensure that you don’t double book a meeting – it simply won’t allow it! The tool looks at your calendar and will only present time slots to the lead that are available.

Forgetting the meeting

We’re all human, and some of us can be forgetful, however Meetings doesn’t forget. Its integration with Google calendar and Office 365 means SharpSpring Meetings will automatically send an email reminder to you about your next meeting. Customise the time between the reminder and meeting to your liking, and never miss a meeting again.

Other business commitments and double-booking

Quite often, a meeting could be accidentally booked alongside other businesses commitments. Maybe you’ve double-booked a training event, a sales pitch or photoshoot? Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365 allows Meetings syncs with your diary and will not show time slots in which you’re unavailable to the lead – think of Meetings as your smart personal assistant.

How SharpSpring Meetings can boost ROI

Email and landing page integration

Buttons can be embedded into your email signature by simply copy and pasting the generated SharpSpring Meetings button, taking your call-to-action one step closer to a sale. This convenient sales tool allows your leads to book a meeting with your sales team within seconds.

Managing your sales team

Meetings aren’t just for directors! Each SharpSpring user can create their own set of meetings which can linked to their individual and shared calendars.

A sales director can view all the meetings booked for their team, the availability of each member of the sales team and even check each user’s performance by conversion.

Send smart mail through the contact manager

Make your sales team proactive instead of passive! Why wait for a lead to book a meeting or purchase your service, smart mails empower your sales team to approach a lead in a personalised manner.

Using dynamic email content tools, you can send a smart mail on your lead which can insert the correct meeting based on the lead owner.

For example, if your lead is nearing a nurture campaign, you can introduce a one-to-one meeting about the product or service they are interested in and close the sale.

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SharpSpring Meetings offers huge value for sales teams – they'll love hassle-free scheduling.

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Creative Technologist and SharpSpring Technician at Merci.

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