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Chatbots by SharpSpring with Slack Live Chat

Introducing Chatbot, the latest feature by SharpSpring – a new communication method to interact with your website visitors.

Create the Chatbot

Name it something unique, and choose the domain to publish it to. Once you have chosen the domain, you can choose to deploy the chatbot on either all pages or specific pages. You can also exclude a certain page or sub-directory from showing it.

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Choose the audience

Choose to show the chatbot to everyone, new visitors, returning visitors, leads in a pipeline, leads who are considered customers, or our favourite, leads with a custom-field (like: If a customer is tracked & has the field: Favourite colour: Red)
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Define the settings

Enter a chatbot display name (what the customer sees), like: Merci chatbot. Choose a colour, page placement, and avatar. Then define the interaction settings, like include the welcome message at launch.
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Once you’ve done all that, you hit publish and the chatbot will be deployed on your website in a few minutes!

Live chat with Slack

Chatbots integration with Slack (the instant messaging platform), enables Live Chat. Your team will receive a notification on their device when a new live chat request has been activated, and when you accept the chat you will instantly be connected to the user.

Chatbot profiling

The chatbot can profile your customers by asking them questions, which will create or update an existing contact in the platform. This can be configured to trigger many actions, like add to list, send this email, create an opportunity and more!

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