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Instagram posting in SharpSpring is finally available

In SharpSpring, you can now sync your Instagram for Business account and create posts in the Content Calendar to grow your followers. Our clients have wanted this feature for a long time and it was a feature request Merci had in place with SharpSpring for over 2 years!

New Instagram features now available in SharpSpring

  • See your Instagram posts in context next to your email and other social media posts in the content calendar
  • Managers can review and approve posts before they go live
  • Content can be shared instantly or scheduled in advance
  • Sync and manage unlimited social media profiles and users
  • In Social Listening, you can filter a feed by #hashtag, comments, tags and your profile

How do you set up Instagram in SharpSpring?

You can only connect Instagram Business accounts to SharpSpring, and they must be connected to a Facebook Page. If that’s the case, access your social media settings in SharpSpring and create a new social connection for Instagram by following this step-by-step guide:

  1. Log into SharpSpring and navigate to Social Media Settings
  2. Click Add Connection and choose Instagram
    SharpSpring's Social Media Settings page, asking the user to select a Social Platform for a new connection. Instagram is highlighted.
  3. Facebook will open and you need to log into an account that manages the Facebook page of which the Instagram for Businesses account is connected to
  4. A list of Instagram Business accounts will be presented – choose which ones you want to use with your SharpSpring instance
    Facebook connection to SharpSpring, asking the user to select which Instagram Business account do you want to use with SharpSpring?
  5. Choose which Facebook pages you want SharpSpring to useThe next step in the Instagram connection to SharpSpring shows the Facebook pop-up asking the user What pages do you want to use with SharpSpring, they have selected a page.
  6. Set all of the What is SharpSpring allowed to do? toggles to YesFacebook is asking the use What is SharpSpring allowed to do? A list of toggles is present and they are all toggled to YES
  7. Then click done and you’ll be directed back to your Social Media Settings in SharpSpring

For more information on Connecting Instagram to SharpSpring, Disconnecting SharpSpring from Instagram and Facebook, Deleting Social Media Account Connections and Tokens, visit this help article from SharpSpring.

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