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Introducing Recurring Action Group in SharpSpring

What is a recurring action group?

Recurring action groups were introduced to SharpSpring’s list of action group types in October 2020. Along with Event-based & Time-based, Recurring lets you schedule an action group to a lead that will execute on a recurring basis, like a subscription or birthday.

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How does a Recurring action group work?

The Recurring action group uses a Date or DateTime custom field in order to function. This Date is the reference point to which the Recurring action group happens. The time of which the action group is recurred is based on either the time defined in the custom field, or the time defined in the settings of the recurring action group, where the time of the custom field is ignored and only the date value is used.

Contacts can be added to Recurring action groups manually or using a visual workflow with Date field used. The action group only runs if the Lead, Account or Opportunity has a value in the Date/DateTime custom field.

The Recurring Action-group will only start on the date defined in the custom-field. Example : Imagine a Lead custom field is defined as the 30th November 2020, but the lead is added to the Recurring action group on the 15th November. The action group will not fire until the 30th November, and will then recur as defined in the settings (every week, month or year).

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Further information

More information can be found at SharpSpring Help here.

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