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Rogue sales teams, meet SharpSpring Sales Optimiser

Sales Optimiser was designed to ensure every salesperson follows best practice for conversion, so a qualified lead will never be forgotten again.

What is SharpSpring Sales Optimiser?

SharpSpring Sales Optimiser produces Sales Tasks which are created using visual workflows. These Sales Tasks will populate the Task Manager and naturally queue up a daily to-do list for each member of your team. The individual sales reps are then informed by an event that is added to their calendar automatically, so that the Sales Task visibility isn’t restricted to a single platform.

SharpSpring Sales Optimiser can prevent your salespeople from going rogue and implementing their own processes. This is all too common for Sales Managers charged with creating a sales process, which might be because the current sales process isn’t accessible enough for salespersons to use.

The suite of tools is designed to give you control over both the cadence and quality of sales communication in ways never before possible.

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Stop using spreadsheets to manage your leads

Spreadsheets are great, we use them all the time at Merci, especially where digital marketing is involved. But we don’t use spreadsheets to manage our leads, we use SharpSpring.

It’s totally normal for spreadsheets to be the “go-to tool” for handling data. They they can be organised to the users preferences, are easy to use, and we’re normally taught how to use a spreadsheet during education at some point. However, SharpSpring was designed to manage both your sales and marketing activity. That’s why it’s such a great tool for businesses who like to see all their lead data, sales and marketing activity in one place.

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The Contact record in SharpSpring will show not only what lists your leads are in and what emails they’ve been sent, it can also present any upcoming or completed tasks assigned to your sales reps.

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How to get leads into SharpSpring

At Merci, we use forms to get leads into SharpSpring. See the image below of the form we use to enter new lead information as part of our sales process.

Merci tip – what we do

Save the form page as a bookmark tile on your phone. Access it quickly and capture the leads details right there and then.

Forms are great because we can trigger automations around form submissions, like starting an email drip campaign or creating Sales Tasks. For example:

  1. Creating new lead in SharpSpring
  2. Assign David as the the lead owner
  3. Create an opportunity in David’s pipeline
  4. Create a Sales Task for David to email the lead by the end of the day
  5. Create a follow-up Sales Task for David to call the lead after 2 days

The task possibilities are endless, but it should follow your sales process. Only you’ll know if an email, phone call or video call is required as part of your best practises to conversion.

Control what emails are sent using Smart Mail

With every auto-assigned sales task, you can recommend a specific email template and any content assets relevant to that stage in the buyer’s journey. The salesperson has the ability to add their own flair – after all, you can’t automate a personal connection.

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Reporting made easy

New automation features are great, but how do you make sure everything is going according to plan? Detailed task reports provide insight into which automated tasks are being completed or rescheduled during a given time.

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Further information

More information around SharpSpring Sales Optimiser can be found here.

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