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A self-serving customer SharpSpring Chatbot to get lead field value

SharpSpring Chatbot is more powerful than you think. Not only can it collect information and create a lead IN SharpSpring, it can also do the reverse by retrieving information FROM SharpSpring and presenting it to the user hassle-free.

Say you had a custom-field with a report URL (we do for Time-based Credit reports), and your customers with Time-based Credit want to get their report. They could email you directly and wait for you to send back the URL, but we’ve got a better solution – using automation and SharpSpring Chatbot.

Getting a custom-field value using SharpSpring Chatbot

Understanding the Chatbot Workflow

Chatbots are an automated communication service. They allow users to search for answers about your content, and they provide a series of answers and means of collecting data. In our example below, you can see we have 4 workflows. Each one is logical and has a combination of lead data collection steps and responses. The last workflow is our report option used in this demo.

Our SharpSpring Chatbot workflow

How to retrieve information from SharpSpring using Chatbot?

There are 3 main steps, including:

  1. Who am I speaking to? (Collection step). This step defines who the Chatbot is talking to.
  2. Initial response confirming the action (a message)
  3. The custom-field value with a fallback variable in case the value is empty. Ours says: Report unavailable, please contact us.
Collecting and retrieving information in Chatbot response steps

That’s it!

I hope you learned something new here and it inspired you to use SharpSpring Chatbot on your website. Start thinking about cases where you hold information and the customer can acquire without using traditional methods.

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