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Managing event attendees in SharpSpring

For businesses that are serious about data, it’s important to have all your apps connected to a central database of some sort. It’s no good having data here, there and everywhere, and if you host events and don’t have your own events platform managing those events, then you’re likely using a third-party tool like Eventbrite.

Eventbrite is good because of several reasons; it has a huge network of potential attendees, an advanced search function, it’s extremely easy to use and is affordable. However, all that attendee data is stuck in Eventbrite and requires manual input to do anything with it.

This is where the power of SharpSpring comes in, because not only is it able to hold event attendees information, but as event data is applied it can automate the sending of emails, add contacts to a list, notify a salesperson and much more.

A SharpSpring list of event attendees per event

At Merci, we pass event attendees from Eventbrite to SharpSpring and add them to lists. This means you can easily segment your audience into specific groups of events for better personalised marketing.

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Audience segmentation

Once contacts are in lists, you’ve achieved basic segmentation. Now you can market to them! But remember, to market to these people, they must be opted-in, so don’t forget to integrate an opt-in strategy as part of your process.

This data centric approach will bring so much value to your audience segmentation, you’ll be able to make data-informed decisions and trigger all kinds of automation workflows. Furthermore, that attendee data won’t vanish when lists are deleted, it’s stored within each of your leads’ profiles. So in the future, if you ever want to know who attended your Spring event 2 years ago, just build a rule-based list in SharpSpring – easy.

Calling all events based businesses

Here’s a set of instructions you could use as a typical workflow for managing event attendees in SharpSpring.

How we pass data between Eventbrite and SharpSpring

At Merci, we use Zapier to connect Eventbrite to SharpSpring. This means for every event attendee in Eventbrite, Zapier will pass information to SharpSpring, populate an “Attended Event” checkbox field, and add the contact to a list of attendees.

How do we build lists of attendees in SharpSpring?

This does require some setup, but everything in SharpSpring does.

1. Create a checkbox group custom-field in SharpSpring (this will be used to build the lists)
2. Name the custom-field: “Attended Event”, and then create at least one item using the Event Name and Date of the event as the label and value.
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The checkbox group field will be populated automatically as events are being attended from Eventbrite using a combination of the “EVENT NAME” & “EVENT DATE” to make the options unique.

We’ve discovered with checkbox groups in the past, that data incoming from 3rd-parties does not append the options, but instead overrides. Our explanation and technical solution for this can be found here.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to list all your events to the checkbox group right now. If the event isn’t listed as an option in the checkbox group, the data will still be stored in the background, however this means you can’t use it until you add that option to the checkbox group. All you have to do is add a new checkbox option matching the naming convention of the event to the Attended Event custom-field.

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3. Build a rules-based list

After you’ve built the rules-based list for the event, the list will automatically try to populate itself with contacts who match the rules criteria. But since we’ve only just created it, it’s likely no one in your database matches the criteria yet.

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4. Use Zapier to connect the event platform to SharpSpring

If Eventbrite was our events tool, we need to collect attendees from the events using Zapier. Zapier then passes that event attendee information to SharpSpring, and our automated mechanism is complete.

Get in contact with us if you’re planning on using Eventbrite. We use Zapier daily to automate 100s of connections between cloud-based applications.

Only send emails to those Opted-in

SharpSpring isn’t just a marketing platform, it’s also a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM), and not all contacts in your CRM will be opted-in. We know how easy it is to send an email to a list, but not everyone in that list may have opted-in. That’s why you should have a list of contacts who have not opted-in. This means when sending an email to your event attendees lists, you can exclude members who exist in the “not opted-in” list.

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Opt-in campaign for every new event attendee

We’d recommend asking all event attendees to opt-in if they haven’t done so already. You could use SharpSpring to build a list of opted-in contacts, and then use a Visual workflow filter to only send opt-in emails to contacts who don’t exist in the opted-in list.

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