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Remove a lead from a SharpSpring email nurture campaign when they reply to an email

SUCCESS! A lead has responded to your nurture email and they’re on their way into a sales pipeline. But now they don’t need to receive any more nurture emails.

Read through this guide as I explain the technique I used to accomplish this task and remove the lead from automated emails.

This technique is setup for Gmail or Office 365 only and does require a Zapier account.

Step 1: Setup your emails and inbox rules

Automation requires a trigger to start, and the trigger used in this automation is “when an email is added to a specific folder/label in your mailbox“. Basically, anytime an email lands in your inbox with a unique string of words, we’re going to add this email to a label/folder which will trigger the automation.

Add a unique string of words to every email in the nurture campaign

In your email editor, add a string of text like [my unique string of words] to the footer of EACH email. This string of words shouldn’t be used in normal emails from recipients, since the automation could run into problems.

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Add incoming emails matching the string to a label/folder automatically

In your email settings (Gmail or Office 365), go to settings and create a filter (Gmail) or rule (Office 365).

Choose “When a the email contains the words” and type in the unique string: [my unique string of words].

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Step 2: Setup the Zap automation

Now you’ve setup the rule to apply/add an email to a label/folder, you can setup the Zapier trigger to run when a New Email is added to a specific mailbox.

In the example below, we have used a Gmail label called “Nurture Email Reply” as the trigger to run our automation.

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Connect your SharpSpring account

There’s always an action that follows the trigger. Now we can update a lead in SharpSpring by applying a [True] value to a boolean type custom-field called [Has Replied To A “sales Email”].

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Step 3: Remove the lead from nurture emails in SharpSpring

Because Zapier UPDATES a lead field through automation, we can run a Visual Workflow in SharpSpring when [Has Replied To A “sales Email”] field changes to [TRUE].

The following action is: Remove from [Nurture campaign action-group].

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Final thoughts

I hope this technique has helped you understand how to remove a lead from a SharpSpring email nurture campaign when they reply to an email. It’s entirely possible to add multiple inboxes for different nurture campaigns, but generally as soon a lead takes the bait, they should be in your line of sight and ready to convert into a sale.

At Merci, we consider ourselves experts at using Zapier to connect cloud-based apps together. So if you don’t have a Zapier account or the experience, just get in contact and we can help you out.

Good luck and let me know how you get on!

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