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Set up Mail Sync to Office 365 with two-factor authentication enabled

At this time (Aug 2020), SharpSpring Mail Sync does not support OAuth 2.0 for Microsoft. It is something they’re looking to do in the future, but as of now, they only support Basic Authentication.

If you’re using Two-Factor authentication with Office 365, then you would need to generate an app-specific password within the Office365 settings.

You would then need to use this password to configure the Mail Sync in SharpSpring, rather than the standard password that you would usually use to access that email address account. This is in accordance with how two-factor authentication works and is something that is commonly required for any 2FA authentication.

The problem

Office 365 2FA (two-factor authentication) prevents a SharpSpring user from connecting their Office 365 account with SharpSpring Mail Sync.

The solution

Create an app password for 2-step verification. App passwords are auto-generated, and should be created and entered once per app.

  1. Create an app by following this guide – name the app “MailSync” and copy the password once it’s visible
  2. Navigate to SharpSpring > Settings > MailSync
  3. Choose Office 365
  4. Enter your Office 365 email address
  5. Paste the new MailSync app password and hit connect

Mail Sync vulnerability?

As for email vulnerabilities, Mail Sync is secure to set up. SharpSpring does not have access or any way to manipulate the contents within a synced mailbox. The only function Mail Sync performs is that it creates a copy of emails within the synced mailboxes and displays the emails within the Life of the Lead of associated contacts.

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